Frequently Asked Questions in Western Massachusetts


Why should I choose McNamara Waste Services, LLC as my local hauler?

McNamara Waste Services provides the highest level of service at competitive prices. We are large enough to meet the many needs of contractors and commercial customers, yet small enough to provide personalized, safe, and reliable service.

How far in advance do I need to order a container?

We try to offer same-day service, though a minimum of 24 hours' notice is very appreciated.

How do you charge for roll-off containers?

Trash Bin - Waste & Recycling Service in Hampden, MA
When you order a roll-off container, a charge is incurred. This charge includes the delivery and removal of the bin (see dimensional descriptions below), and rental fee(s). If the container weighs more than the amount described below, there will be an extra charge for the additional weight.

What are the dimensions of your roll-off containers?

  • 2 Yds.—49.5" x 43.5" x 6.45'
  • 6 Yds.—52.5" x 126.5" x 6.45'
  • 10 Yds.—58" x 96" x 13'
  • 15 Yds.—58" x 96" x 17'
  • 30 Yds.—78" x 96" x 23.5'

What is the purpose of a temporary container?

Temporary bins are used by customers who are planning a one-time cleanup. The bins hold approximately 3 cubic yards of material.

Is there different pricing depending on the type of material in the container, like concrete?

Yes. Please contact a member of our staff for specifics relative to your needs at (413) 566-8300 or by e-mail.

Are there materials that may not be placed in the container?

Yes. By law, we are unable to accept any hazardous or "special" waste materials, such as medical waste, paint, paint thinner, asbestos, and other chemicals. Contact us if you have any questions regarding allowable materials.
Contact our waste removal and recycling company in Western, Massachusetts, for more information today. We are happy to answer any other questions you may have.